Mania Women’s Distressed High Waist Jeggings

I have several pairs of these, they are so comfortable and look so cute. This brand specifically is made particularly well, with thicker fabric and firm stretch. The front has the jeans zip up look, but it doesn’t look authentic. But, on the bum the pockets had me fooled as I tried to put my hands in them. No luck, they’re just an impressive graphic. These are distressed, and about 50% of it is real. And done well. The fibers running through the distressed areas are strong and are going to hold it up well. Then around the true areas are more graphics. Up close you can see it, but at a distance, a normal public distance, they blend in well.  These are 1 size, and there is still plenty of room in them with my curvy frame. My waist is 29, hips are 36 and these don’t even fit snug. Lots of give and lots of length. They come up well above my natural waist, and are about 6 inches too long without stretching out. So even you lucky dogs with height on your side can wear these.  I went with the distressed #3 style, but you have 6 options, and all of them are super cute.

I would give these 8 out of 10 sugar cookies

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