Insect and Bug Catcher and Microscopic Viewer

Every boy wants one. In this case, I also have a 9 year old granddaughter that wants to keep up, and usually outpaces, her male cousins. Her favorite pets include snakes and lizards. This is perfect for her. What mom will love, it won’t hold a lot of bugs, or other creepy crawlers, at any given time. What mom might not like, to place the insect in the holder, you pull a trigger on the handle and the base comes open, see my pics. So, if the trigger is accidentally pulled, since it is part of the actual handle, the base is going to flip open and out will come the prisoner.
What the kids are going to love is the clear sides that allow them to watch everything. The built in magnifier on the top, which does a pretty good job of giving a close up. And the ease of putting their captor in the container. About the only thing they might not like is how easily the base comes open and their new pet gets away.

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