Gorsun Foldable Headphones


This is a really nice, basic set at a very fair price. They fold up compact, easily adjustable and easy access volume control on the cable. The volume control is nice, it isn’t one of those that you move it a hair’s breadth and you’re suddenly at concert level. It’s on a nice slide bar and moves freely. The ear piece is very comfortable, firm but pliable comfort. Any pressure on my ears gives me pain over an extended period. But, these weren’t bad. I could go a good hour before I started to feel much pressure. The sound was decent. Very well balanced, not heavy on either trebel or bass, and any vocals came through strong and clear. It wasn’t ‘I can hear the pick hit the guitar strings’ crystal clear, but for this price, it would be rated at much better than expected quality. I picked up a cheap little MP3 player that doesn’t have bluetooth, so picked up these, great choice.

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