Dragon Touch Cat Ear Headphones

These are really going to appeal to a young generation – ie my 8 year old, animal crazy granddaughter, who loves cats but her mom is allergic to them. She just got a kindle for her birthday last month, so I thought this would be a great pairing with that. They are only wired, but have a decent length and it’s pretty sturdy. It includes the battery to make the ears light up, and they throw in a spare battery. It’s the cell type battery. Right beside where you put it in is a tiny little button that took me forever to find. That’s what turns the light on. They look really cool, and it’s a novelty, but I just don’t get the headphones that light up… I mean the person wearing them can’t even see that 🙂 But, everyone seems to love that option, so ok. The sound isn’t bad, obviously not your high dollar sound, but for games, movies, anything that age is doing, they’re great.

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