NDTdesign Aluminum Gourmet Bread Basket with Leather Handle

I love how this can fit in just about any style of decor. My kitchen is done in wine and Old Italy, with burgundy tones. My daughter has daisies, my mother has the Old Style Baker, my daughter in law has a very modern style. It looks very simplistic in each, but really makes itself a central piece. All decors used the white basket.
It’s sturdy and strong, very durable, without being heavy at all. I have a wooden table and I was very worried about it getting scratched, it just doesn’t take much, one little uneven area on the surface of the basket and it can dig in deep. But it felt perfectly smooth so I chanced it, and it’s worked out fine.
It’s large! Holds quite a bit. It doesn’t stand very tall, it has a lower profile but a wide diameter. The handle will stand up, but I don’t think it’s meant to stay that way, it doesn’t have a secure feel that way, and it doesn’t take much for it to fall, but it lays just fine along the rim of the bowl. So many things this can be used for, roll up your placemats and stack them in it, a candy dish, a low terrarium style with plants setting in it, a candy dish, or just make your own creation, like placing your napkins, a salt and pepper shaker and a flameless candle in it. A very versatile, and very useful, accessory!

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