ULAKY Nail Polish in #15

This is a really deep color and provided full coverage in one coat. A deep burgundy color with brown undertones. If you want a solid, nearly black with a burgundy cast, then apply two coats. It dried quickly and I’ve had no issues with smearing or chipping. It’s a thicker polish, not watery at all. I’m not sure how far that will go in longevity, it may thicken up quicker. But, I’ll update this post over time as I see how it holds up. In the meantime, this is my first purchase with this brand, and I’m very impressed. Good quality brush that holds up well.

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  • I know, right?? This is my first time with this brand, impressed with the one coat coverage. I’ve had it on for about a week now and seems to be holding up good. I think I’m going to have to check out some more colors, I’ll post more pics with them.

  • I love this color!

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