Sonyabecca Parachute For Kids

This is the smaller version, but it still really requires 4 kids to be effective. I had two of my grandchildren over when it showed up. I also had just got a new puppy, and I don’t have a large living room anyway, so I wasn’t able to get a really good video, but you can see that they were having a blast with it. It’s very lightweight, but strong. There are loops at every triangle point to hold on to. I used to run a day care and it was a great way to teach many many things, such as coordination and cooperation. Now I have 7 grandchildren, I thought they would have fun with this. Seems to be a hit!

For a 6 foot version, the price of $14.99 is excellent. It’s great quality, made well. The stitching is strong and sturdy, as are the handles.  Really nice product.

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