Ryaco [Canvas 23.99L] R923 Rucksack, Laptop Backpack

Really nice! Strong, sturdy, medium weight canvas type fabric. Some snaps are mounted on leather for stability and strength. The snaps that wouldn’t be used as much are mounted on braided rope canvas. The long flap covers the main compartment and another front pocket. The pockets are expand to hold a lot. There is also a zippered pocket on the front that actually holds quite a bit. Two pockets on the side where a bottle/cell phone/wallet would fit. Inside is a nice, smooth, satin type lining, a separate area for your laptop. I put my tablet in and there’s still plenty of room, so a full size laptop will fit, with still lots of room for books. Probably my favorite part of this, and the reason I purchased this, is that it has a draw-string top. Instead of dealing with a zipper, which I never zip anyway, I can use the drawstring if I really need it securely closed, and then snap the flap down. Otherwise, I’m the type that just wants to put my stuff in and cover with the flap, easy in easy out.

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