OZNaturals Eye Gel Eye Cream

I use a very expensive eye cream that I was roped into purchasing out in Las Vegas. Boy they know how to make a sale there. It does do an excellent job, and my eye area is something I’m very conscious of. I lost over 100 pounds a while back and my loose skin has never caught up. Especially under my eyes. Deep, heavy bags, lots of wrinkles. I put this on every morning and night. While my other product works within a few minutes, this one works over time. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and I’ve noticed an overall difference. You can see it in my pictures. I took the ‘baggy’ picture the day I started using it. I do still wake up with bags, but if I apply this when I first get up, by the time I’m putting my make up on, around 30-60 minutes later, they are much less noticeable. It’s a very light creamy gel. Clear. It applies like a light ointment, but quickly thins out and absorbs as you apply it. I’ve now started using it around my mouth. Hope it works there as well!

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