Mini Usb Port Slim 1.78 LCD MP3/MP4 16 GB

For the price, this isn’t a bad product, but it is set up completely different than what our US ones are. Once you get the controls figured out, it’s not bad for music.  I tested out the MP4 and the MP3 features. Video runs smooth, music has no stutters. You can set it on various modes of random and replay. Controls are easy to access. Watch the video to understand how confusing the controls can be.

To move items over, use a USB cable. It does not come with removeable media, nor the ability to add a TF card. But, with 16gb of internal memory, it does hold quite a bit. It does have an e-reader on it, but will only read them in the .txt format.  There are many options, most of them aren’t something I would use. It isn’t flimsy, it seems to be built just as well as higher dollar ones I’ve used. The controls do not stick and are smooth. It charges with the old school mini-USB, cable included. It also includes a set of headphones, that I found to be uncomfortable, but were in the style of another pair I received with an Apple product.

For the price, it’s what you would expect. It fits in my pocket and I use it on walks so my expensive one doesn’t take abuse. This would be a great starter MP3/4 player for a kidster.

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