LAPA – White Find everything that matters

I’ve tried a lot of these, most last for a short time and then fail on me. Either they don’t work when I need them, the batteries run down in a matter of days, the range is too short, the tone is too soft, or they just quit working. Very impressed, very happy with LAPA after a few weeks of use. It’s very easy to set up, you download an app to your phone or other device. So, the way I’m using it is I put the app on my phone, I put LAPA on my keychain. The two things I misplace the most. I can activate the tone from either end. If I lose my phone, I push the LAPA and my phone emits a tone. If I lose my keys, I open the app on my phone and force LAPA to emit a tone. Pretty slick. I found that if my keys are in my purse, which is a bottomless pit, it takes a few extra seconds to locate it. I do wish the tone on the LAPA was a little louder, but when it’s at the bottom of my purse covered, I can still hear it from about 8 feet away. Much better quality, it has a good, sturdy feel to it. Very dependable. VERY happy.

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