Blaze Children’s Cartoon Blanket

I purchased the small Sponge Bob blanket for my 1 year old grandson who lives a few states away from me, I planned to ship it to him. However, before I could, my 5 year old granddaughter spent the night.

Her: Is that a Sponge Bob blanket?

Me: Yes. Do you like Sponge Bob?

Her: I love him so much I just can’t stand it.

So Sponge Bob went home with her. It was a bit small, but she would lay in my recliner and could pull it up past her waist. It is very very soft. She kept rubbing it on her face telling me how much she loved it. Both sides are soft, the hems around the edge were done nicely and trimmed well. It wasn’t a thin blanket, it had a nice thickness but was very lightweight. I have it hung up on my very wide, double door fridge, and you can see it is almost as wide, and the length goes down to just about the top of the freezer.. We also picked up a new puppy that day and he slept with us that night. The two played tug-o-war with the blanket and his little puppy teeth did not rip it. So, now I’m off to purchase a second one.

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