Lots of changes in the future – stay tuned

Here are some new items that will be added over the next few days:

  • embedded youtube videos. this will allow all video reviews to stream faster
  • many new categories; including health and beauty, essential oils, pets, promote your business, buy/sell/trade/giveaways and contests
  • easier access to the message boards so you can see the categories, see the newest posts, and add your own
  • links for snapchat, instagram, linkedin
  • all pictures in reviews will be a uniform size (sorry about that, still learning)
  • a rating system for all reviews

So many things to figure out and add in. It’s amazing what is available if you can just figure out how to do it. 🙂  Please comment with any features you would like to see added, items you find malfunctioning, and any feedback. Thanks for visiting.

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